Campixu was invented and developed by Johannes Kestler / PuzLogical in 2008.

It has been appearing in Germany since August 2008 in the puzzle magazine LOGIC PIXELS. The readers are avid for Campixu.

In December 2017, Johannes Kestler invented the color version of Campixu. Color Campixu was first presented to the public in March 2019 with the app Let’s IQ Campixu.

At first sight, Campixu looks like Nonograms, and admittedly, it is similar to Nonograms. But since the rules are different, the solution strategies needed to solve Campixu are completely different, such that Campixu promises a totally new puzzle experience.

Each row and each column has exactly two numbers (for each color). The first one determines the number of colored cells, whereas the second one determines the number of colored groups.
The cells within a region (surrounded with thick lines) all have the same color.

If you are a magazine publisher and want to learn more about Campixu, get in contact with us and ask for free samples.

Color Campixu logic puzzle

Campixu logic puzzle